If you do not use your compass to determine your direction, may days and years take you to the direction that you do not desire

"Nabil Shalaby"

It does not matter to start your own business too late. What is important is not to stop

"Nabil Shalaby"

Innovation is the most influential factor in the project success, a key to any competitive advantage, and a driving force towards achieving sustainable growth

"Nabil Shalaby"

Tardy ICT businessman will be in trouble than those who benefit from these technologies in the business world

"Nabil Shalaby"

Training Programs

The Arab Entrepreneur House (ARENHO) offers TEN entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and technopreneurship training modules for innovators and entrepreneurs. Most of these programs were successfully executed in some Arab countries.

The TEN training modules are:

1. Ro'yah (Vision)
Inspirational workshop "Your big dream is on a small business". One day- 6 hours for those interested and willing to enter the world of entrepreneurship. Step by step how to start your own business, targeting high school and university students.

2. Ibda'a (Innovation)
A workshop on "Generating small business ideas and differentiating opportunities", a one day - 6 hours for those wishing to generate hundreds of ideas for small and medium enterprises by twenty different ways and differentiating these ideas to select the appropriate idea for each trainee, targeting high school, university students and potential startup entrepreneurs.

3. Tomooh (Ambition)
The training program "How to start your small business". Two weeks, 60 hours, addressed to the owners of entrepreneurial ideas and willing to start small businesses and did not begin yet the license procedures for starting. It includes everything for potential entrepreneurs to start their businesses properly, and ends with a feasibility study of the project for each trainee.

4. Tamkeen (Empowerment)

The training program "How to manage your small business". Two weeks - 60 hours and aims to enable trainees with the skills necessary to manage business professionally. It is directed to owners and managers of existing SMEs, who already started their businesses during two years ago. The outcome of this module is a viable business plan for each trainee.

5. Nama'a (Growth)

The training program "How to grow Your Small Business". Two weeks - 60 hours. It is designed for whom they seek expansion and grow their businesses towards internationalization. It is directed to owners and managers of existing SMEs to access global markets or export abroad.

6. Tarkeez (Focus)

The training program "How to start your small business in a particular sector ". Two weeks - 60 hours. It is tailored for selected economic sector such as ICT, tourism, food industry or logistics..etc.,. The training module will be designed after determining the training needs of the targeted segment.

7. Minal Manzel (From Home)

The training program "How to start and manage your small home business". Two weeks - 60 hours. The training module is designed for those with special needs (physically disabled) and eager to enter the world of entrepreneurship and start and manage a small home business.

8. Teqani (Technopreneurship)

The training program "How to start your own small technology business". Two weeks - 60 hours. The training module is designed for Technopreneurs and contains everything they wanted, especially in ICT sector to start their businesses properly.

9. Takamol (Intrapreneurship)

The training program "How to start your business by integration with giant companies". Two weeks - 60 hours. The training module is designed for Intrapreneurs, and links feeding industries with large companies to manufacture spare parts and supply services and products rather than imported from abroad.

10. Intelaq (Entrepreneurship Boot Camp)

An inspirational boot camp, "Unleash to entrepreneurship world". 5 days - 40 hours. The boot camp is designed for graduates of secondary and university students to provide them with the skills, tools and key steps to start small distinct businesses.

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