If you do not use your compass to determine your direction, may days and years take you to the direction that you do not desire

"Nabil Shalaby"

It does not matter to start your own business too late. What is important is not to stop

"Nabil Shalaby"

Innovation is the most influential factor in the project success, a key to any competitive advantage, and a driving force towards achieving sustainable growth

"Nabil Shalaby"

Tardy ICT businessman will be in trouble than those who benefit from these technologies in the business world

"Nabil Shalaby"

Welcome to Arab Entrepreneur House (ARENHO)

The "Arab Entrepreneur House" is the leading consulting firm in entrepreneurship and SMEs development, which offers wide variety of services to enable the actors in the field of entrepreneurship to create sustainable impact. 

With our in-depth experience in the Arab world, we provide innovative solutions on macro level to Arab decision makers, ministries, chambers of commerce and industry, support institutions, companies, non-profit organizations and universities to design, implement, measure and monitor innovated programs of entrepreneurship and SMEs development.


The Fish Farm

For many years, people repeated the Chinese old proverb "Don’t give me a fish, but teach me how to fish". I think catching few fishes are not enough. So I adapted the statement to be "Don’t give me a fish, but teach me how to start and operate a (fish farm)”. I believe we have to teach each startup entrepreneur, how to start and operate his "fish farm" successfully, which represents a symbol of his/her small business. This is really the in-depth philosophy of the entrepreneurship training programs should be. Topics of entrepreneurship training include entrepreneurship opportunity identification, innovation, decision making, finance, accounting, operations, ethics, leadership, marketing, business law, technology, human resources, strategies,...

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